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Cost Estimating Tutorial

Estimate your construction cost on iPad with GoFigure

If you want to create estimate for your next window, siding or roofing project then GoFigure App will be the best choice. With GoFigure you can produce estimate on an iPad. GoFigure is used to create perfect stock lists, construction estimates, invoices on the jobsite immediately for any construction project.

You can also trace jobs from commenting of the project to accomplishment with GoFigure. Point and shoot estimate with the latest Spike laser rangefinder addition.

Just snap a picture with your iPad and then select an item out of numerous preloaded jobs like carpentry, roofing, painting etc. Now locate the areas of the house to be estimated on the touch screen. GoFigure will work out the areas, include the quantities and generate a simplified worksheet for cost estimation.

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Estimate Construction Costs