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Estimating Sheet

How to estimate different types of concrete work

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This construction article shows the detailed guidelines for computation and estimating of concrete.

How to estimate a Concrete Slab:

• Find out the area by multiplying Length with the Width.
• To define cubic feet, multiply the area with the depth (ensure the depth is transformed from inches to feet).
• Usually concrete is ordered with the "yard" (or cubic yard), so, it is necessary to divide the cubic feet with 27.

As for instance, you can estimate the cubic yards of concrete toward a driveway having 12’ width, 100’ length in the following way. The pouring of concrete will be done with an average depth of 4”.

• 100 X 12 = 1200
• 1200 X .33 = (4" ÷ 12 = .33)
• 396 ÷ 27 = 14.67

How to estimate the Concrete Columns:

Multiply the Height of your column with the number that matches with the diameter to find out the required cubic yards.

How to estimate the Concrete Masonry Units (Blocks)

Block Multiplier

1. Include 3/8" Mortar joint to block dimensions = 16" X 8"
2. 16" X 8" = 128"
3. 144 / 128 = 1.125 (144 refers to the square inches in a square foot) 1.125 Blocks per SF.

How to estimate the Number of Block Quantity.

1. Include the total Linear FT of walls to be blocked.
2. Multiply the total Linear FT with the Height of the building to determine the Area to be Blocked.
3. Subtract the total square feet of all openings.

Multiply the area by 1.125

How to estimate different types of concrete work
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