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How to find out the volume of a hand borrow

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Renowned civil engineer S.L. Khan comes up with another useful construction video tutorial for civil engineering students. In this tutorial, one will come to know how to find out the volume of a hand borrow.

As the shape of the hand borrow is not uniform. So, it becomes difficult to find the volume. To simplify the process, just put some materials (as for instance aggregates) in the hand borrow. Then transfer these materials to a regular shape box. So, the material will occupy some space with some specific depth.

Now, the depth of the materials in the box is taken as h = 1.75 feet

The dimension of the box is taken as Length = 2 feet and breadth = 1.5 feet

So, the volume of material in the box will be equivalent to volume of material in hand borrow.

So, volume of hand barrow’s materials will be determined by the following formula :-

Length x Breadth x Height = 2 x 1.5 x 1.75 = 5.25 cft

To watch the complete video tutorial, go through the following video.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to find out the volume of a hand borrow