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How to measure the earthwork for road in hilly area

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Soil is one of the vital construction materials that is applied for the construction of road, embankment , earthen dam. The method of excavating the soil, deliver to the other place and placing it is known as Earthwork. The Quantities of Earthwork differs from millions of cubic meters to 100 cubic meter.

Earthwork mainly includes the following method:-

1. Excavation of soil or shifting of the soil.
2. Loading, transportation and unloading of soil.
3. Placing and compacting of the soil.

This construction video tutorial is presented by the renowned engineer Mr. S.L. Khan. In this video, you will learn the detailed process for measuring the earth work in hilly area.

At the time of handling with earth work in hilly area, the following three types of situations occur :-

1) Fully in cutting.
2) Fully in filling.
3) Partially in cutting and filling.

To learn the detail calculation process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to measure the earthwork for road in hilly area