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How to work out cutting length of stirrups

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This construction video tutorial provides detail information on how to determine the cutting length of stirrups for column & beam by applying manual process or spreadsheets in excel with formula.

It is based on the location. In most areas the length of rebar is calculated from the centerline of the reinforcement, and the radius at the corners is not taken into consideration.

But, in some other countries the calculation is done by considering the radius and the length of the curve is measured. In this case, the interior radius is utilized to compute the length.

If there is not a specific demand, it is best to ignore the radius and use the centerline.

In the video cross section of a column or beam is given where the ring will be used. You will learn how to determine the cutting length of the ring so that it takes the shape of a ring after being sliced properly.

If the bar bending schedule of the ring is created, the concentration should be given on the following :-

Clear Cover – It is taken as 25 mm
Diameter of the bars in mm
Bend of the bars – Some hooks are bent at 135 degree and some are 90 degree.

Given below the dimensions of the column :-

The size of the column is taken as 200 x 600
The bars used in stirrups should be 8 mm
The length of the hooks is taken as 10d (dia of bars )or 75 mm minimum (if the value is unknown for dia).
The hooks are very useful to construction earthquake resistance buildings.

45 degree bend = 1d
90 degree bend = 2d
135 degree bend = 3d

Based on the above dimensions are calculated. To learn the calculation process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tutorials Tips

How to work out cutting length of stirrups