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How to work out the materials for a straight wall

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In this construction video tutorial, the eminent engineer, S.L. Khan has briefly explained the simple steps for making calculation of straight wall.

The wall comprises of concrete pave, brick steps, DPC and just a straight wall.

In the example, a wall is chosen with the following dimensions :-

PCC in the ratio of 1:4:8 and breadth is 70 cm (in the base)

First brick step with 50 cm

The above dimensions are chosen for ground level. After that a excavation work will be carried on.

After that another brick wall step is created up to plinth level with 40 cm

DPC with thickness 4 cm

Brick wall with the thickness 30 cm. It is breadth of the wall.

The thickness of PCC layer is 30 cm

The thickness of the first step of brick wall is 20 cm

The thickness of the next step for brick wall is 60 cm

Height of the wall is 1 metre or 100 cm

Length of the wall is 6 metre or 600 cm

Based on the above data, the calculation will be done for the following items :-

Earth Work, Concrete Work, Brick Work, Damp proof course, Cement plaster, White washing

To learn the detail calculation process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to work out the materials for a straight wall