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Importance of Ready Mix Concrete

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To retain the consistency of concrete quality is very complicated in the concrete construction industry. Superior quality of concrete with high speed of construction can’t be maintained with mixing of concrete manually.

Manually mixing of concrete needs labour intensive, time consuming and expensive.

The problems with ordinary mixtures can be easily resolved with Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) since it curtails the work pressure on the job site and avoids the site confusion.

The word Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) itself indicates that it is prepared to employ materials, with a predetermined mixture of cement, aggregates, water and admixtures.

Readymix concrete is produced in a factory or concrete batching plant, in accordance with a set mix design or as indicated by the standard specifications under controlled conditions with greater quality of raw materials. It is then transferred to a construction site keeping its fresh properties as it is.

Ready mix concrete belongs to an advanced technology with a high degree of mechanisation and automation. The raw materials are examined in the concrete batching plant prior to being applied to make sure compliance with related standards.

These reduce the chance of quality issues in the product. The ratios of different components in the concrete mix are designed scientifically based on the necessary strength and other properties of concrete and economy. It is known as concrete mix design.

By applying ready mix concrete, common issues associated with fresh concrete like workability of the concrete, segregation of concrete and bleeding in concrete can be resolved.

The ready mix concrete is conveyed in specially designed truck mounted mixer known as transit mixer while the concrete is retained under continuous agitation unless it is extracted for being utilized.

Application of RMC plant for concrete construction can enhance the speed and quality in construction and as a result it is gaining popularity among the architects and civil engineers.

By integrating fly-ash with concrete, it is transforming to a green material.

Importance of Ready Mix Concrete