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Inspection Checklist for Concrete Placement

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Quality control of concrete should be carried on by making proper assessment of concrete throughout pre-placement, during placement and post-placement.

Concrete inspection is based on nature of concrete ranging from PCC or RCC, nature of casting elements like RCC slab, columns, footing, beams, walls etc. Even though it is not so difficult to retain information for number of checks throughout inspection of concrete member, but there should be a checklist for keeping record of the concrete placement as well as steps for quality control undertaken at job site.

The contractors and engineers can find it useful to keep the record of checks, with the intention that the records can be generated in case of any inconsistency. It also facilitates to provide an evidence of quantity of concrete work executed by the contractor, in order that no inconsistency occurs at time of billing.

The checklist also records the number of cubes assigned for the specified work and its id is noted in the checklist, so that when cube test results appear, it is not difficult to categorize the structural elements for the provided cube test results.

Given below is an example of concrete placement checklist for RCC and PCC works to be abided by each time when it is necessary to execute concrete work. All the blank space must be filled and any remark should be written in remarks column.

Date of inspection of pre-concrete, throughout placement and post-concrete placement should be recorded since these steps may not be executed on the same day. The contractor, supervisor and engineer should sign after each inspection.

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Inspection Checklist for Concrete Placement
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