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Inspection checklists for earthwork

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In this civil engineering article, you will get the detail information on the commonly used methods for earth work & soil inspection procedure.

Soils inspection should be done with qualified personnel to ensure that the requirements of the specifications, methods and drawings are satisfied.

Major Inspection points :-

Given below, major inspection items which should be examined and or validated throughout earthwork operations:

• Perfect equipment and method to attain desired compaction
• Proper arrangement of foundation
• Backfilling should be carried out with suitable material
• Lift thickness of backfill material
• Exact moisture content for material
• Sufficient compaction
• Testing frequency
• Verification for field tests on fill material are adhered to the exact proctor test

• Verification for backfill around pipes and other structures is accomplished with reference to site specifications (normally thinner lift thickness and hand power tampers)
• Verification for field tests is done with regard to ASTM standards and that compaction test results satisfied or exceed job specification requirements

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Daily Inspection Report: Besides, exact test data reports for each field test, a Daily Inspection report is necessary on the basis of the QA/QC department or consultant. Although certain requirements may differ according to job site requirements, the following fundamental minimum requirements should be recorded on a Daily Inspection report or similar document.

1. Specify all relevant information and activities concerning the key inspection activities mentioned above:
a. Type material acquired
b. Type and amount of equipment to be utilied
c. Date, weather and temperature
d. Area(s) being worked
e. Number and type of personnel engaged in the work
2. specify any irregular activities:

a. Failing tests
b. Equipment failure
c. Abrupt alterations in the weather
d. Changes in material encountered

Inspection checklists for earthwork