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SPACE GASS - Reinforced Concrete Column Design

Construction Software

The SPACE GASS module can be used for reinforced concrete column design to design or verify any of the concrete columns in your structural model.

1. Completely incorporated with SPACE GASS.
2. Design actions acquired directly from the analysis results.
3. Several load cases are taken into consideration in unison.
4. There are various types of Design and checking modes.
5. Completely rendered 3D images and 2D cross sections of each column designed or verified.
6. Flexural and shear reinforcement designed or examined.
7. Support for Circular, rectangular, tee, trapezoidal, cruciform and flat oval cross sections.
8. Numerous voids of any shape or size.
9. Axial, moment (uniaxial and biaxial) and shear considerations are allowed.
10. Computation and display of interaction curves.
11. Priority settings are accessible for "minimum steel" or "minimum bars".

12. Moment magnification exists.
13. The drawings are exported to DXF or DWG files.
14. Reinforcing bar libraries.
15. Completely supported with AS3600 and IS456.

Link for download SPACE GASS reinforced concrete column design

Run the module and choose the members which develop a column and then opt for the concrete column design module. The column is instantly designed and demonstrated as a completely rendered 3D image and cross section in the column editor. From there, it is possible to inspect it briefly by zooming, panning or rotating, or modity any of the design parameters or reinforcement to fulfill your specific needs.

SPACE GASS reinforced concrete column design

Each time, if any modification is made, the column is automatically re-examined or designed and the 3D image and cross section is reorganized to keep track perfectly what is happening as you proceed.