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Job for Administrative Supervisor/Bid Coordinator

Job Skillsets: Office / Administration - Answer phone and communicate messages, Type and input data accurately, Accurately create, organize, and maintain files. Manage office staff/department personnel, Train office staff, Input data into spreadsheets and reports, Compose grammatically correct business letters and correspondence, Maintain inventory of office supplies, Schedule and coordinate executive schedules, Manage office related service vendors (i.e. office cleaning, copier service), Handle Executive's personal errands/purchasing/schedule coordination.

Accounting: Process monthly draw applications, Understand and accurately code job cost to projects, Understand and perform job cost accounting, Perform contract audits / job audits / final contract reconciliation.

Preconstruction / Estimating: Visualize, analyze, and communicate project scope of work, Maintain/create subcontractor/vendor bid list, Solicit bid invitations, Distribute and manage bid plans and documents, Communicate with subs - prepare RFP/RFI, Qualify and analyze bids.

Coordinate cost/means and methods with owner (or GC if you are subcontractor) and design professional, Prepare preliminary cost estimates/budgets/schedules, Analyze general conditions, Prepare project estimate/bid/schedule.

Safety / Risk Management / Insurance / Adjusters: Manage subcontractor/vendor insurance requirements, Secure payment and performance bonds, Review subcontractor bonds for compliance.

Maintain OSHA-mandated record keeping and jobsite safety compliance files, Coordinate and administer safety training, Coordinate safety compliance with jobsite subcontractors and employees, Coordinate company-mandated drug testing, Analyze insurance requirements and solicit proposals, Review and coordinate project-specific insurance requirements, Manage company surety/bonding program.

Scheduling: Prepare project schedules using scheduling software, Evaluate in real time schedule adherence, Maintain and update schedules for duration of jobs, Coordinate subcontractor/vendor site activities for schedule compliance.

Purchasing: Develop and maintain vendor list, Develop final scope of work for bidders/vendors, Negotiate subcontracts and vendor contracts/POs, Purchase office supplies, Purchase service and maintenance contracts, Purchase construction materials, Expedite deliveries to parallel construction schedule.

Project Management / Field Supervision / Service Management: Obtain and distribute construction drawings and specifications, Prepare submittals and shop drawings, Maintain submittal and RFI logs, Prepare close out, warranty, and final "as-build drawings" records.

Prepare project budget and schedule of values, Evaluate and manage project budget during construction, Review and redline shop drawings, Set up job trailer, coordinate temporary utilities and job office FFE, Review and approve subcontractor/vendor pay requests, Develop contract change orders, Monitor subcontractor/vendor performance and adherence to specifications, Schedule and maintain field inspection logs, Schedule and record jobsite/subcontractor/owner meetings (or GC if you're a subcontractor), Maintain as-built drawings.

Annual Salary, at a rate of $50000 - $ /year

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Job for Administrative Supervisor-Bid Coordinator