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In this exclusive civil engineering article, you will be familiar with some unique features of land area calculator app. Land Area Calculator integrates distance calculator map & land area measurement to work out distance and area.

Set or click points on the map and then compute area among all point. One can download this field measurement app from google play store at free of cost and measure your area with perimeter calculator. With this app, the users will be able to measure area from any remote location.

This online calculator app contains some exclusive features like area calculator, field measurement, area, land survey and various other options. Land Area Calculator - Distance Calculator Map & Land Area Measurement application also support some other important features like street view, maptools, compass, navigation, directions map,near me places, share current location, route finder etc.

Application Method:

1. Click on map two or several points. The application will measure distance,area automatically and return result for you.

- Distance unit: m,km,ft, yd,mi, nautical miles.
- Area unit: m2,ha,km2,ft2,ac,mi2


1. Land measurement

- Calculate distance among two points any on map. The default measuring unit is given in “fit”, one can select from other unit like “m" or meter.
- Check any address or coordinate to work out the area. Area calculator app is ideal for measuring elevation of land.

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- Save resultant measure area on map to store on SDCard. It is also possible to share it on leasing social networking sites like facebook, instagram, zalo, viber, Line, messenger , Lite, twitter, SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, KakaoTalk…
- Load land area measurement

Download Google play store: Land Area Calculator - Distance Calculator Map

2. maptools

- Support several features like zoom map ( - zoom out, + zoom in), show current location
- Support map view with mode : Hybrid map, Terrain map, Normal map and satellite map.

3. Compass

- Show True North
- Magnetic strength
- Show Altitude Speed
- Show Sensor State

4. Street View

- Street View famous places

5. Directions Map

- Navigation by driving,bicycling,transit and walking. With walking directions, the real time location can be tracked.

Land Area Calculator - Distance Calculator Map available in google play store