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Land Survey Methods

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Given below, the detail guidelines on surveying method from beginning to end. The order of the survey process:

Setup of survey instruments practically, Configuration of data collector, Calculate and preserve points, Switch to another physical location (if required), Accomplish measuring points

Export points: The survey process can be conducted anywhere among 1-5 hours based on the size of the stage and visibility of targets. Stages with wires and lights in the way of the targets will be lengthier since it is required to shift the survey instrument to several locations to obtain all the points.

Necessary Equipment: Based on the type of usages, survey equipment differs. To conduct survey for Visual Effects and Previzion, the following equipments are necessary.

Total Station with Reflectorless Mode – It facilitates the total station to capture measurements devoid of applying a prism or reflective stickers.

Right Angle Eye Piece – For surveying points overhead, a 90-degree eye piece simplifies the process to view the targets.

Total Station Tripod and Spreaders – The tripod and tripod spreader are vital tools since they help in leveling the survey gun in perfect manner.

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Data Collector – It is an individual piece of hardware that functions like a handheld computer. The Data Collector can preserve and output point data in addition to configure the total station.

Bluetooth Data or Serial Data Cable for Data Collector – The objective of data collector to communicate with the Total Station and for this purpose, either Bluetooth connectivity or a hard wired serial cable connection are required. If there is a cable as Bluetooth, it often drops out in sound stages.

While working with professional surveyors, their tools may vary.

The survey instruments are often available in their own transport bags or protective cases.

Physical Setup of Survey Instruments: While selecting the place to set your survey instruments, remember that the first place to arrange the survey tool will be considered as the “Origin” of the survey. It will be the place from where all measurements are done.

Ensure that the first physical setup contains sufficient clear line-of-sight to the center of as many targets as possible.

Assembling Tripod and Spreaders: The surveying will start by gathering the tripod spreaders or tripod stabilizer. The spreaders contain three rubber rings and are built up with three steel bars having threading and screws on the ends.

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Land Survey Methods