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Learn to determine cutting length of circular rings

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In this exclusive construction article, you will learn the tricks to work out the cutting length of circular rings.

Given below, the details of a circular pile and the information is necessary for finding out the cutting length.

By using the following dimensions, it is possible to determine the rebar weight in RCC Pile.

Development length that is demonstrated as L = 450 mm
Diameter of circular pile = 600 mm
There are 8 numbers main bars with 16 mm dia.
Pile cap size = 1200 mm x 1200 mm x 500 mm
There are rings with 10 mm dia@200 mm center to center
Hook Length = 10D
Cover for pile cap = 75 mm
Piles = 75 mm

Rebar weight of the pile is determined as follow :-
Main Bars :-
Numbers = 8;
Diameter of ribbed bars = 16 mm (unit weight – 1.58 kg/m)

Cutting Length will be determined by applying the following formula :-
{(Pile Depth + Pile Cap Depth) – (Pile Cover + Pile Cap Cover) + Development Length}

By putting the values, we get the following :-

= 9600 + 500 – (75 + 75) + 450 = 10400 mm = 10.4 m
Weight = N x CL x U
N denotes number of bars
CL denotes cutting length
U denotes unit weight
Weight = N x CL x U = 8 x 10.4 x 1.58 = 131.46 Kg

To find out the rebar weight of the circular rings as well as rebar weight of the pile, go through the following construction article:

Learn to determine cutting length of circular rings