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Leica Geosystems D2 4.0 – The newest construction tool for site measurement

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Leica Geosystems D2 4.0 is the newest construction tool that can be used to measure site or interior areas with the help of laser.

The tool is specifically designed for interior designers, site engineers and other construction professionals to create measurement independently.

This tool is very useful for measuring long distance. It will make process easy and save significant time as compared to manual measurement process.

The tool has the ability to take measurements up to 100 metres with supreme accuracy. It can be used for diverse applications with its great set of functions like the stable foldable end-piece with automatic identification of its position. There is another exclusive feature called bluetooth smart to create professional documentation that simplifies the process to communicate the measured data to others and make them very clear and easily understandable.

Accurately measure long distances with adherence to ISO 16331-1. This tool is supported with the innovative X-Range power technology to measure long distances of up to 100 metres. Besides, this technology guarantees best measuring performance i.e. rapid and authentic measurements.

This app also facilitates you to produce layouts and drawings and dimension accurately. This tool is compatible with various 3rd party.

There are different types of useful measuring functions like addition and subtraction, area and volume computations which can make each measurement task simple. The instrument preserves the last 10 measurement results.

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Leica Geosystems D2 4.0 – The newest construction tool for site measurement