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AndTruss2D is useful for linear static analysis of plane trusses

Thodoris Bougas develops AndTruss2D. This handy construction program is useful for structural analysis. AndTruss2D contains an in-built model creation system that can easily edit an existing geometry model.

There are 20 truss templates inside Truss2D which facilitate the users to rapidly establish a common truss model as well as cover some of the prospective truss geometries.

AndTruss2D can bring huge benefits to the engineers (civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects etc). It is specifically developed for linear static analysis concerning plane trusses by means of the Finite Element Method. It offers a simplified graphical user interface that allows for the user to instantly set up the static model and observe the results once the analysis process is finished.

Link for download Linear Static Analysis of Plane Trusses