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Brief explanation on long wall and short wall method

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This is another useful construction video tutorial presented by Parag Pal, the renowned civil engineer. The tutorial will be very useful for civil engineering students.

Given below the step-by-step processes :-

In this video, Mr. Pal briefly describes long wall - short wall method in load bearing structures.

Under this method, the wall along the length of room is treated as long wall whereas the wall perpendicular to long wall is known as short wall. To obtain the length of long wall or short wall, initially workout the centre line lengths of individual walls. Then the length of long wall, (out to out) is computed once half breadth is included at each end to its centre line length. Hence, the length of short wall is calculated and is obtained by subtracting half breadth from its centre line length at each end. The length of long wall is generally decreased from earth work to brick work in super structure though the short wall is raised. In order to acquire quantities, these lengths are multiplied with breadth and depth to get quantities.

This method is used to make estimation & costing of the entire building on the basis of the building plan. The methods can make estimate from excavation level to slab which cover foundation, walls, windows, slabs etc.

This method is mostly suitable where there are no columns in a building i.e. the construction is made with only bricks.

Longwall – shortwall method can be applied for computation of building quantities like earth work, foundation concrete, brickwork in plinth and super structure etc.

Video Courtesy: Parag Pal

Brief explanation on long wall and short wall method