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Estimating Sheet

How to use KipwareQTE Machine Shop Estimating Software for estimating material and labor cost perfectly

Construction Software

This construction video offers demonstration on KIpwareQTE - Machine Shop Job Costing & Estimating Software. By watching the videos one can learn how to estimate material cost as well as labor cost easily with this construction program.

KipwareQTE® produces realistic quotes and estimates with some easy to follow processes. All the database files are preserved in a central position and any user can utilize the same database files. So perfectness and reliability is maintained all through the project.

KipwareQTE® can convert any quote and estimate into real world shop docs together with the following :-

A Formatted Quote containing six different quantities. Quotations can be produced to a printer or a PDF document and formatted with the pre-formatted form like a CSV file, or a plain text document.

Exploded Bill of Materials are generated from an estimate and contain all the prerequisites for material, changeable tooling, labor centers, and programming, set-up or other non-machining costs and services taken in the estimate.

Formatted Packing Slips are formed directly out of estimate.

Formatted Invoices are generated directly from estimates.

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How to estimate material cost

How to estimate labor cost

Estimating Software for estimating material and labor cost
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