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Tips to measure an angle with tape measuring tape

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In the following construction video tutorial, SL Khan, the renowned civil engineer, provides some useful tips to determine the angle with the measuring tape.

Various professionals like to perform instant & perfect measurements. In case you are an engineer, surveyor, designer, architect, realtor, contractor, construction worker, estimator, or in another profession, an inappropriate measurement can lead to lose business, time and money. So, you have to familiar with all sorts of measurement processes.

The measuring tapes are used by professionals in almost any sectors ranging from imaginable, builders, contractors, realtors, flooring installers, estimators etc. The newest version of measuring tape is a laser tape measure (also known as laser distance measurer).

It is a machine that applies a laser to calculate distances. For the professional contractor or serious home improvement hobbyist, this tool provides huge benefits as compared to a conventional tape measure.

We know, it is not possible to compute an angel with the use of a measuring tape. But it can be done by including little math.

To get more information, watch the following video.

Video Courtesy: SL Khan

Tips to measure an angle with tape measuring tape