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Estimating Sheet

Measurement Units in Construction

Construction Software

All the items should be narrated briefly and comprised of material, transport, unloading, stacking, storing, waste handling, return of packing, necessary scaffolding, safety appliance, lighting at place of work, all labor required for finishing to its shape, size, setting, fitting and fixing in position, cutting, waste and all other incidental operation when necessary.

To set dimension the sequence of the will come as length , breath and height or depth or thickness.

Net measurement should be taken for all works which depend on the following tolerance, unless otherwise indicated.

a. Dimension should be calculated according to adjacent 0.01 m.
b. Area should be measured out according to adjacent 0.01 sq. m.
c. Cubic content should be computed according to adjacent 0.01 cu.m.
d. Weight should be computed to adjacent 0.001 tonne.
e. The thickness of RCC slab should be calculated to adjacent 0.005 m.
f. The thickness of woodwork should be calculated according to the nearest to 0.002m.
g. The thickness of steel work should be computed according to adjacent 0.001m.
h. The length of steel reinforcement bar should be calculated according to the nearest 0.005 m and its diameter to adjacent 0.0001m.

i. If the thickness of road is lower than 20m,m its thickness should be calculated to nearest 0.005m.
j. Area should be calculated to the nearest 0.01 sq. M., but the area of steel should be calculated according to the nearest 0.0001 cu.m.,
k. Volume should be calculated to the adjacent 0.01 cu.m., but volume of wood should be calculated according to adjacent 0.001 cu.m.

Civil Engineering Measurement Units

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Similar type of work under several condition and nature should be calculated individually under different items as follow :-

• Work under water
• Work in liquid mud
• Work under tides
• Work in snow, etc.

For structural concrete, brickwork or stone masonry, the work under following categories should be calculated independently and the height should be mentioned.

• From foundation to plinth
• From plinth level to first floor level
• From first floor level to second floor level and so on,

The bill quantities should completely define the material, proportion and workmanship and precisely illustrate the work to be accomplished.

Basic Measurement Units In Civil Engineering