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Methods of Curing Concrete

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Curing mainly stands for the method of making the concrete surface sufficiently wet so that the hydration of cement is sustained unless the required properties of concrete are attained.

Concrete discharges extreme heat of hydration & influences the volumetric strength. The surface of the concrete gets dried quickly and it leads to the abrupt movement of the moisture from the interiors to the surface. This steep moisture gradient results in producing extreme internal stresses which can create internal micro cracks. Therefore, to get rid of the deformations & damages, Curing is very important.

Gunny bags are widely applied to moisture the concrete surface. It is one of the commonly used methods for curing concrete specially for structural concrete. This method is effective for vertical concrete members where ponding curing system can be implemented.

The uncovered surface of concrete can be defended from drying out if the surface is covered with hessian, empty cement bags or gunny bags.

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The covering over vertical and sloping surfaces should have been fastened perfectly. These are moistened at regular intervals. The interval of wetting is based on the rate of evaporation of water.

It should kept in mind that the surface of concrete should not be dried even for a short time throughout the curing period. Special arrangements should be provided for retaining the surface moistened at nights and on holidays.

Go through the following video tutorial, to get more information on different method of concrete curing.

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Gunny Bags - An effective method for curing concrete