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AECOM is collaborated with Trimble to use Microsoft HoloLens in Construction Projects

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AECOM ties knot with Trimble Navigation Limited to use Microsoft Corporation’s HoloLens “mixed-reality” technology toward engineering and construction projects. It will be the first ever commercial application of the HoloLens technology for the engineering and construction sectors.

Both AECOM and Trimble have introduced a pilot program through which they can apply Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headsets in projects over three continents.

The technology will transform 3D modeling to the next level, by facilitating the designers and engineers to view the complicated construction projects in 3D environment.

Trimble’s groundbreaking mixed-reality techniques will allow AECOM to deliver 3D engineering models into the HoloLens world. With the application of a lightweight headset, the HoloLens will facilitate users to interact with virtual objects by implanting holograms of 3D objects into the user’s view.

The capability of examining complicated structures in this kind of mixed-reality environment can significantly impact the field work and speed up the engineering design process in large part. The technology provides superior transparency in the design review process as well as permits team members to concurrently look into the identical holographic projections from various locations which will enhance competence as well as allow improved collaboration all through the design process.

To progress the Pilot Program, Aecom will arrange HoloLens devices in London, Denver and Hong Kong. The technology will facilitate the engineers and architects in these diverse locations to obtain the same holographic models simultaneously, by connecting their interactions by the Internet provided by Trimble solutions.


Microsoft HoloLens in Construction Projects