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Mivan Aluminium Formwork - A good alternative of traditional timber formwork

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Formwork belongs to a mould for a structure where fresh concrete is poured to solidify the concrete. The construction of formwork is time consuming and comprises of expenditure up to 20 to 25% of the total cost of the structure approximately.

The process for detaching the formwork is called as stripping. Stripped formwork can be reprocessed. Recyclable forms are described as panel forms and non-usable are described as stationary forms.

Normally, Timber is utilized for formwork but timber formwork can easily distort, expand and shrink. As a substitute of timber formwork, MIVAN Formwork is gaining popularity now-a-days.

Mivan stands for an aluminium formwork that is also known as MIVAN Shuttering. This type of formwork is inexpensive and useful for the overall construction environment.

Mivan technology is effective for building up large number of houses in a short periof of time with room size forms to erect walls and slabs in one ceaseless pour on concrete.

Aluminum formwork is very reasonable for recurrent building layouts and for over the plinth work. This system is mostly recognized since all the elements in a buildings, along with slabs, beams, walls, columns, staircases, balconies and special window hood are built with concrete and there is no requirement for block works or brick works.

Segments of MIVAN Formwork: It comprises of different types of components like Beam components, Deck components and wall components. All these components are formed with high strength aluminium alloy.

The modular nature of the Mivan aluminium formwork system facilitates simple assembling and detachment of formwork. The construction work is very fast with very slight variation in dimensional tolerances. This System is very flexible and easily adjusted for any deviations in the layout.

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Method of MIVAN Formwork Construction:

The construction method of MIVAN formwork has the similarity with the conventional type of formwork. The MIVAN Construction involves the following steps:

1. Arranging the Wall reinforcing steel: Under this step, the wall reinforcing steel is employed to build up the structure to the building. This reinforcement steel provides support to the concrete unless it attains 50% of designed strength. This steel mesh is pre-casted in factory independently and can be easily constructed on the construction site.

2. Placing formwork: Since, MIVAN formwork is ready-made, formwork is designed and fabricated in factory itself according to the necessary sizes of slabs, columns, beams, staircase and other structural components of the buildings. With the use of pin and wedge system, formwork can be simply fabricated on the construction site. Formwork is easily detached from the structure as soon as the job is finished.

3. Pouring concrete: After the formwork is arranged, freshly formed concrete is poured inside the formwork to create the shape. As soon as the concrete attains essential strength, the formwork is detached from the structure.

Simplicity – pin and wedge system in MIVAN aluminium formwork: The beams are retained in exact place with the help of a simple pin and wedge system that moves through the holes in the outside rib of each panel. The panels set correctly, simply and firmly devoid of any bracing.

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Mivan Aluminium Formwork - A good alternative of traditional timber formwork