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My Civil Calc – An exclusive app for civil engineers

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Get online demonstration of an exclusive engineering calculator called My Civil Calc that is very suitable for the civil engineers.

This calculator application can be used to estimate any area in both feet and inch, including length, area, volume.

All the calculations are done in a single application through user-friendly interface.

The calculator can be downloaded from google app store.

It contains exclusive feature of allotting measurement units feet-inch/ M/mm to the input numbers and obtain the requested results together with the unit.

It is also possible to transform the computed results to alternative units with the selection of different types of accessible converters at the bottom.

This calculator can save significant time for builders, civil engineers, architects, interior designers, estimators, contractors, billing engineers, store keepers and as well as for people who are planning to purchase a property or reconstruct their homes.

Download MyCivilCalC App

Go through the following youtube video for online demonstration.

Video Courtesy: Tutorials Tips

My Civil Calc – An exclusive app for civil engineers