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ConsensusDocs unveils most up-to-date construction contract documents

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ConsensusDocs introduced new standard construction contract documents for worldwide construction professionals.

The latest ConsensusDocs 746 Constructor & Geotechnical Consultant Agreement and 747 Constructor & Consultant Agreement come up with an industry standard contract designed for a constructor willing to employ a consultant on a construction project. These constructor and consultant agreements are identical to the ConsensusDocs 246 and 247 (Owner and Consultant agreements), and were prepared to offer a authentic contractual base for diverse consulting arrangements, along with interior design, inspection, industrial hygiene, retrofits, procurement and lots more.

The new agreements connecting constructors and consultants fulfill the requirements for reasonable and balanced, industry-standard contracts that care for constructors and consultants equally, and make sure that both parties have clear ideas regarding their tasks and obligations.

The latest agreements include a plain English writing style that smooth the progress of contract analysis and administration. The contracts provide a project-first approach and build up cooperation, communication and assimilation, which result in reducing contractual silos that hamper efficiency. The contracts consist of the standard ConsensusDocs provisions consistent to the construction industry as well as offer the resilience for the distinctive nature of services delivered by consultants.

The agreements empower the construction professionals to formulate fairer contracts to obtain superior project results involving fewer litigation and at the same time preserving a project-first philosophy.

ConsensusDocs are the only standard contracts defined by a coalition of 40 most important design and construction industry associations.

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ConsensusDocs unveils most up-to-date construction contract documents