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Demo of online brick calculator

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Learn how to use online brick calculator to resolve your calculation and conversion requirements. This online brick calculator will facilitate you to workout the number of bricks as well as amount of mortar necessary for specified wall area.

When you get the complete quantities, you will be able to calculate the cost with the rates which exist currently in your area.

The calculations are made on the basis of the following suppositions:-

i) The bricks are placed on stretcher bonds
ii) There exist 1/2 inch mortar joint among the bricks
iii) The mix ratio of mortar is 1:4 (cement:sand)

The most convenient method to compute the number of bricks is to distribute surface area of the wall with the surface area (vertical face) of one brick.

Formula: bricks required = wall area/ brick area

To make online calculation, click on the following link

Demo of online brick calculator