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Benefits of Pier and Beam Foundation

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Matt Risinger presents an exclusive construction video that sheds light on Pier and Beam foundation as well as how this type of foundation provides huge benefits for a SIPs house built on Clay Soil.

A pier foundation alias a post-and-beam or pier-and-beam foundation that contains wood posts or concrete piers arranged with the ground to carry the weight of a building or home. The process for developing Pier foundations is very easy as well as cost-effective as compared to the typical concrete foundation. They are mostly useful for smaller buildings and homes with a little possibility of earthquake or hurricane force winds.

A pier and beam foundation is a good substitute for a slab foundation. A pier and beam foundation generally consists of a crawl space under the living space and footings to provide support to the foundation. As it provides more durability in shifting soils, the pier and beam foundation provides lots of advantages to the homeowner.

The constraints liable for selection and portioning of mix ingredients are given below :

In a pier and beam foundation, a concrete pier is reinforced with steel (rebar), developing a solid cage inside the pier. The piers are organized on the top of a concrete pad that is also reinforced with steel rebar. The foundation beam is supported on the pier or column.

Benefits of Pier and Beam Foundation