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Pile Concreting – The detailed process and checklist

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The concrete placing should not be started if compactness of fluid adjacent to the bottom of borehole surpasses 1250 kg/m3.

Recognition of the compactness of the drilling mud from the base of the borehole, should be accomplished by obtaining samples of fluid with appropriate liquid manure sample sanctioned by the engineer in charge, in initial few piles and at right space of piles subsequently and the results are recorded.

Once the flushing is finished, tremie head is eliminated and funnel is affixed to the tremie pipe.

The slump of the concrete is retained at 150 mm to 200 mm.

Concreting operation is accomplished with the 200 mm diameter trmie pipes.

Preliminary charge of concrete is provided in the funnel through a plug. Total concrete quantity in the funnel is over the volume of the whole pipe along with free space underneath the tremie. This will arrange a water-resistant concrete pouring via tremie.

Lifting and lowering is initiated frequently maintain adequate concrete in funnel all the time. With the progression of concreting, the tremie pipe should be eliminated sequentially, ensuring that the tremie pipe contains adequate embedment in the concrete unless the entire pipe is concreted. Adequate head of green concrete is arranged to avoid entry of soil or water into concrete. Positioning of concrete is a unceasing method from the toe level to top of pile

The concrete is poured in the funnel. As the concrete goes to the top of the funnel, the plug is upraised to facilitate the concrete to pour equivalent to the positioning of each batch of concrete.

Download Checklist for Bored Cast-In-Place Pile in PDF

Download Pile Concreting – The detailed process and checklist in Excel

The concreting of pile is accomplished up to minimum of 300 mm over the cut off level to obtain good and strong concrete at cut off level.

Pile Concreting – The detailed process and checklist

Once the concreting tremie is finished, funnel and other accessories should be cleaned perfectly and retained lubricated in exact stacking condition adjacent to next pile location.

While organizing under water concreting, 10% extra cement over and above the design mix requirement is to be included in every batch.