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How to use casing in bore hole for pile foundation

This construction briefly explains how to apply casing in bore hole for pile foundation. Here Length of Casing points to 5m and usefully it is maintained among 5 to 10m. In order to set exact position of casing, it is most suitably to assign 2 point from the reference of center point of casing and get the equivalent distance of both the points from that reference point. When the casting will be put into bore hole, the distance will be calculated from both points to casting for maintaining the perfectness.

In this construction video, the diameter and length of casing belong to 750mm & 5000mm correspondingly and the distance amid reference point (center of bore hole) to the point that contains the distance 2m.

So, the radius of casing will be = 750/2 mm and the distance amid casing and points will be identical to 2m - 0.75/2 m = 1.625m.

The distance amid edge of casing and points will be 1.625m from both side.

pile foundation