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Perfect method for pile layout and footing layout

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In this construction video tutorial, Mr. Parag Pal, the renowned civil engineer, has briefly explained the detailed process associated pile layout or footing layout as well as location of different types of piles in a construction jobsite.

Get some useful tips to plot layout having grid line drawing, under rimmed pile foundation layout at site.

In several times throughout soil exploration, geotechnical engineers experience problems with soils which are prone to endure volumetric changes because of moisture variation below the ground surface. This expansion and shrinkage lead to distress which is very hazardous and important to the extent that bearing of the foundation is involved.

It happens for all types of soils which have 2.5 m or more depth of well-known black cotton soil. To resolve the issue, the geotechnical engineers employ a specially designed pile foundation known as under-reamed pile foundation.

This pile foundation contains one or more bulbs (artificially developed expanded bases) at its lower end as compared to the critical depth of moisture movement in expansive soils. The foundation will be fastened to the ground and remain stagnant against the swelling and shrinkage of soil. It is artificially reinforced to bear tensile stresses. The pile is attached through a inflexible capping beam correctly reinforced over which the wall is built up.

It is proved that buildings built up on under reamed pile foundation are free from troubles occured in these soils.

There are usually two types of under-ream piles based on the process applied for its casting and placement

• Precast under-reamed piles,
• Cast-in-situ under-reamed piles

Pre-cast under ream piles need special pile driving equipment. It saves huge times as drilling and boring is not.

In-situ and cast-in place under ream piles mostly depends on end bearing.

The under ream piles are mostly found in the machine foundation, over bridges foundation, electrical transmission tower foundation, sand water tanks etc.

To get more information, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Tutorials Tips

Perfect method for pile layout and footing layout