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The benefits of using plastic bottles in building construction

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Due to cost-effectiveness and sustainable characteristic, the plastic bottles are becoming popular for building construction. In this construction article, detail information is provided concerning use of plastic bottle in walls, roofs as well as their advantages in buildings.

The plastic bottles are also utilized as a building block material same as bricks for small scale construction.

Advantages of Building Construction with Plastic Bottles

The plastic bottle provides the following advantages to the building construction:

• The total waste produced is fewer
• The source of building material is local. No extra cost is needed for this purpose.
• The natural resources are conserved
• The carbon footprint is decreased
• The plastic bottle is economical
• The technology can be easily employed

According to the type of material of the bottle, it can be applied for various types of construction. Infill plastic bottles are utilized for wall infill. As soon as they are developed, the plastering is done on the exterior. If glass bottles are used in buildings, they offer light transparency and structural aesthetical effects.

The sand is applied to fill the bottles to provide good insulation against scorching heat specifically tropical heat. It also produces a comparatively cool atmosphere within the building.

Vertical Bottle Wall Construction: The house built up with a bearing frame, contains a wall that can be filled with any materials. These materials range from a waste, sand etc. Then, plastering is done over top.

Bottles arranged in right side up inside a frame will form a vertical bottle wall. The bottles which are lying on their side will develop the horizontal bottle wall.

The method is used for the preliminary construction of the build structural frame. Later the bottles are assembled and filled with infill materials. The bottles are then utilized to fill the cavities in the wall.

To hold the bottle jointly for maintain superior structural integrity an overall frame along with the steel wires can be utilized. To fulfill the spaces in the bottle, loose bottles are placed. To maintain a clean finish, plastering is done.

Horizontal Bottle Wall Construction: Under this type of construction process, the bottles are placed horizontally in courses among the structure. As soon as the frame for the building is formed, the bottles are placed horizontally with mortar in between and for the finish.

By applying chicken wire, the bottles can be retained enclosed. With Pieces of rebar, it can be cast to the frame that is constructed. To tie the steel wires, nails or screws are utilized.

The plastic bottles are employed in the construction of roofs largely in its crushed state. They have a good water resistance capacity.

The benefits of using plastic bottles in building construction