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Plinth Beam Construction Drawing

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In this civil engineering article, you will learn the basic construction process of plinth beam & how to study steel structural drawing of any plinth beam.

Plinth beam is one type of horizontal cement beam that is placed across the boundary of the house on top portion of foundation.

The plinth beam is mainly provided for the following purposes :-

1. Resist penetration of water into foundation
2. Give support for the walls
3. Retain house together

The followings are the basic methods to build up plinth beam :-

Mark-up width – Normally, the width of plinth remains half that of foundation. Under this situation, foundation remains roughly 45 cm wide and as a result, plinth is 23 cm adjusting the exterior edge of the foundation. Inner 23 cm of foundation meshes with the floor level of the house.

Settle the steel beam – Beams are considered as the main part of the plinth beam. Beams contain a loop every 16 cm that retains it jointly.

Assemble Reinforcement – Prior to pour concrete, reinforcement should be set to arrange rectangular shape to the beam. It obtains most of the effort as the planks should be nailed perfectly in exact location and as soon as the concrete is poured, mason makes sure that it is homogeneously expanded and smooths any edge.

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Mason should also check that the height of the beam is constant all through the boundary.

Detach Reinforcement- The concrete is transformed into solid within 24 hours and the final step is to detach the planks keeping the beam as it is.

In this regard, the renowned engineer Sami Ullah, presents a useful video tutorial on how to study steel structural drawing of any plinth beam.

Video Source: Civil Engineers

Plinth Beam – Basic Construction Process & Study Steel Structural Drawing Of Any Plinth Beam