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Construction Process Of Plinth Beam

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Plinth beam stands for the horizontal cement beam over the boundary of any house. It is placed on top of foundation.

Plinth beam is arranged so that any crack can’t be expanded from the foundation into the wall above when the foundation undergoes settlement. Plinth beams allocate the load of the wall over the foundation homogeneously.

The plinth beams are constructed for the following purposes :-

1. Resist seepage of water into foundation
2. Allow support for the walls
3. Retain the house unitedly

Given below, the details about the elementary process to construct a plinth beam :-

Mark-up width – Generally, width of plinth remains half that of the foundation. In such a situation, foundation is about 45 cm wide and as a result the plinth is 23 cm aligning with the exterior edge of the foundation. Inside 23 cm of foundation integrated with the floor level of the house.

Settle the steel beam – The beams are considered as the major parts of the plinth beam. Beams contain a loop each 16 cm that retains it unitedly.

Arrange Reinforcement – Prior to pour concrete, reinforcement should be set to produce rectangular shape to the beam.

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For this purpose, lots of effort are required since planks should be nailed perfectly in exact position and as soon as the concrete is poured the planks should be detached.

Pouring of concrete – While pouring concrete, mason should make sure that the concrete circulates uniformly and smoothens out any edge.

Besides, make sure that the height of the beam is constant all through the boundary.

Remove reinforcement – The concrete becomes solid within 24 hour and final step is to detach the planks retaining the beam undivided.

Construction Process Of Plinth Beam