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Definition of Plot Area, Carpet Area, Setback Area, Plinth Area, Buildup Area in Civil Engineering

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Being a civil engineer, one should be well versed with reading a floor plan of a building. A perfect plan can depict the clear and concise picture of entire structure in a single sheet.

To simplify the process, there are different types of terms in the plan to describe and recognize the specific areas of a building. Given below, the details areas which are usually used in recognizing the type of area in Plan. These range from Plot, Built-up, plinth, Setback, carpet, super built-up area.

1. Plot Area: It belongs to the area that is encircled with a boundary line (fencing). It means the entire area that is available in a city or town is taken as Plot area. The term Plot area is extensively utilized in gated communities, townships and termed as Plot Area 1, PA-2 etc. They are ideal for recognizing the plot concerning a specific individual.

Built up Area/Plinth Area: It is the area that a building comprises of in plot area is called as Built up area. Built up area does not include vacant space around the building.
Built up Area = Carpet area+ Thickness of All walls + balcony

3. Setback Area: The vacant space encircling the building is defined as Setback area. The local Municipal Authority has the right to settle the setback area. In India, there should be minimum 4 ft spacing from all the sides of the building in order to arrange space for easy movement of the vehicles, as well as proper ventilation and emergency purposes.

However, the spacing for set back area can be raised for High rise building and may rise to several meters.
Setback area = Plot area – Built-up Area

4. Carpet Area: Carpet Area belongs to an area which is encircled inside walls. Carpet Area does not include walls in the built-up area. It’s a consumed area of a building. Usually, carpet area comprises approx 85-90% of built area.
Carpet Area = Built-up Area- Area of walls

Definition of Plot Area, Carpet Area, Setback Area, Plinth Area, Buildup Area in Civil Engineering
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