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Benefits of Precast Concrete Construction

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The objective of a production method is to develop a product superior or less costly or faster than the competition. When the precast concrete elements are applied in construction, the following benefits are obtained.

Superior Quality: Production in an enclosed environment leads to superior working conditions along with greater productivity than would be the case on a building site, and that also impact the production quality.

Steel moulds are utilized for standard materials or large batches to retain a better dimensional precision.

With factory production, a specific concrete quality is obtained. The factory production facilitates to form concrete elements containing the architectural textures and colours, specifically for facade designs.

Less Production Costs: The precast concrete construction can minimize the cost of the formwork significantly. Various materials are created in the similar formwork like mould. Besides, the large batches provide huge benefits. Even if, the mould types convenient for the method of production (e.g. rigid moulds with few fold-down parts) require a design approach that matches the production resulting in high mould reusability.

The precast concrete construction can cut off the scaffolding costs greatly.

Factory production allows the application of mechanisation and automation, which lead to curtailment of the number of required working hours. When the volume of a factory is not fully utilized, it leads to high proportion of fixed costs.

Material savings are possible with thin component cross-sections in terms of the structural requirements, i.e. double-T or T-sections rather than rectangular sections. The lower weight of the concrete can be retained through the superior quality of the concrete gained by the factory production methods. The material and it's weight can be saved by transforming a solid slab into a hollow-core slab with the help of the precast concrete construction.

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Faster Construction: The precast concrete construction can also shorten the construction time to a great extent. For instance, the wall and suspended floor components are created all together, even when the foundations are in progress. Production, as well as large extent erection can be made throughout the winter.

No large-scale, elaborate on-site facilities are necessary. The structural carcass is dry and prepared for immediate loading as soon as the erection is completed.

It should be kept in mind that structures created with precast concrete components often need a higher planning and design input. Alternatively, this input is considerably minimized with standardised precast component system.

Benefits of Precast Concrete and Factory Production