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Daily Progress Report Format for Building Construction in Excel

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This civil engineering tutorial will teach you how to prepared progress report or work report in construction site. The progress report is based on the daily activities on the construction site.

The report is prepared in a tabular form that contains different heads like date, time, Items, description of works under each item, casting details, material consumption, cube test report etc. In item section, there will be types of works executed in the construction site. It comprises of casting, rod binding, staging, shuttering, de-shuttering, curing, water proofing, BBS, brick work, checking and cube casting.

In description section, there is information about where the activities are performed in construction. Given below, the details of it :-

Casting – RCC work at beams and slab at 4th floor, Lift wall-3 with partition wall.
Rod Binding – 4th floor PVR Beam
Stagging – Screen-5 slab fourth floor
Shuttering – 4th floor slab Non PVR area
De-shuttering – 4th floor slab

Curing – 4th floor beam with slab & staircase-1
Water proofing – Ground floor sunken & 1st floor sunken
BBS – Nil (at that particular date)
Brickwork – 2nd floor
Checking – RCC work at beams and slabs at 4th floor, lift wall-3 with partition wall.

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Cube Casting – 4th floor entrance are C96-99, C86-89

The materials consumption table is most important among the lists. The material consumption table comprises of different types of materials like TMT Rod, Penetron, Sika 2004NS, Penetron Admix, Penibar, Sika Graut, Cebex 100, Cryso Delta, Cement OPC, Cement PSC, Cement PPC.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Engineer Deepak Kumar

Some useful guidelines to prepare daily progress in construction site