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Process for developing concrete foundation

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Construction of concrete foundation is segregated into various work activities. Each activity is set with definite objectives and completion time. Each activity that is created for developing concrete foundations should be planned properly, as particular equipments are needed at each stage.

Activities for developing concrete foundations are segregated into following:

1. Labeling of foundation layout at job site.
2. Maintaining Earth excavation upto the requisite depth through machine.
3. Earth excavation and levelling of soil through various hand operated tools.
4. Positioning of PCC.
5. Settlement of reinforcement steel
6. Formation of concrete formworks for footings.
6. Arrangement of concrete and vibrating and leveling of concrete surface.
7. Subtraction of formwork as soon as the concrete is placed.
8. Curing of concrete for the necessary number of days.
9. Using finishing coats on concrete surface.
10. Site cleanup.
11. Backfilling of excavation upto the required depth in the number of layers.

Each activity for the construction of foundation is supported with various skill sets of workforces as well as equipments. For building up big construction projects, there may be various foundations for being casted on a single day. So, it is necessary to plan for each and every activity of this construction. The project planner for foundation construction must define the quantity of works associated with each activity as well as compute the essential quantity of materials. Prior planning is required to use the number of tools and equipments, workforce and other resources toward this construction. As for instance the positioning of concrete may include the total number of cubic meters of concrete included in the activity. The development of forms should usually be measured with the square meter of concrete surface area.

All the activities for a foundation construction should be perfectly sequenced and necessary resources at various times of the activity should be calculated. At this stage, the planner will not consider the factors like delays because of weather and other unanticipated situations.

Process for developing concrete foundation
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The construction plan for foundation is influenced by the following factors:

1. The capability of the contractor to execute the project.
2. The consequential costs of the project.

The rate of concreting for foundation construction is calculated to finish the work within stipulated time. The concrete work should be continued for over 30 minutes until all the concreting works are executed.