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PROKON v2.6 is useful for structural engineers to make structural analysis & concrete design and detailing

Construction Software

PROKON Structural Analysis and Design is a modular based useful software for structural engineers & technicians. The construction software consists of a series of more than 40 structural analysis, design and detailing programs.

The software can be applied for the following purposes:-

  • Study frame and finite element.
  • Designing steel member.
  • Designing steel connection.
  • Designing reinforced and prestressed concrete.
  • CAD and reinforced concrete detailing.
  • Designing Timber member.
  • Designing Masonry.
  • Various structural usages like section properties calculation and section database.

The software provides a strong workflow from structural analysis, steel as well as concrete design and detailing.

The software comes with diversified modules. As for example, one can utilize the Concrete Base Design module on its own or connect to it from the Frame analysis results get all the design loads to be penetrated automatically. One can detail a concrete footing in Padds by hand otherwise design the footing in the Concrete Base Design module and prepare it for producing a drawing together with a bending schedule for you.

If you require some particular modules, you can opt for the license that will fulfill your needs. You can also choose the option of organizing two program sets in your license providing each set with a distinctive selection of modules. As for instance, steel designers can use one set in the license in their office (frame analysis along with some steel design modules).

The concrete designers & detailers can use the other set. (frame analysis and some concrete design modules & pads). This suppleness will reduce your financial burden and at the same time enhance the workflow skills amid the team members.

Prokon V2.6 will be available for commercial application containing new keygen in April 2015.

Prokon V2.6 for structural engineers

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