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This is a nice presentation from Unite Coaching & Unite Construction. By going through this civil engineering video tutorial, you will learn how to make measurements of a G+3 building in Microsoft Excel.

Prior to start, obtain the plans already sketched out, structural drawings as well as structural design data.

The first step should be determining the quantity of excavation for footing.

The calculation is done through a excel sheet. The excel sheet comprises of several heads like serial number, description, number, length, breadth, height or depth as well as quantity and its unit. Rate analysis is also done here.

Excavation works involve excavation for foundation in earth, soils of all types of sands, gravel and soft murmum along with elimination of the excavated material up to a distance of 50m apart from the building area accumulating and extending as required, dewatering, arranging the bed ready for the foundation and required back filling, ramming, watering (along with shoring and strutting) etc. finished.

Suppose in first group there are 15 numbers of footings. The size of the footing is 1.3 meter x 1.2 meter. Since this is the quantity of excavation, the size of PCC should be taken and it is 1.6 meter x 1.5 meter.

So, in excel sheet, put the numbers of footings as 15, length as 1.6m, breadth 1.5m and height 1.1m as the height underneath the ground level is 1100 mm. The height will be unchanged for all footings.

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The other values from your design data can be provided in the same way.

To determine the quantity of each footing group, multiply the number, length, breadth and height simultaneously. Now add all the quantities to find out the total quantities.

To get more clear ideas, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Engineers

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