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How to work the quantity of asphalt & numbers of dumpers in a road construction

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In this exclusive construction video tutorial, the renowned engineer S.L. khan briefly describe the method that can be used to determine the quantity of asphalt required for developing a highway or road.

Asphalt stands for a sticky dark brown viscous liquid that exists in some natural deposits like crude petroleum. The asphalt is mainly utilized in road construction for road surfacing and compaction.

In engineering term, the asphalt is called as bitumen concrete. The objective of asphalt is to provide flexible surface to road. In asphalt road, there are several benefits like smooth surface, cost reduction, greater safety, longevity, recyclability and lessening in noise pollution.

In this video, a solution is given to the following problem :-

Problem : Assume the length, breadth and density of asphalt layer are 150m, 10m, and 15 cm, then work out the quantity of asphalt. Choose asphalt with density 2400 kg/cu.m

To determine the quantity of asphalt, the following formula will be used :-

Asphalt quantity = asphalt volume x its density
Asphalt quantity = 150 x 10 x 0.15 (volume is calculated by multiplying all three layers; 15 cm = 0.15m)
We know the density is 2400 kg/cu.m
So, asphalt quantity = 150 x 10 x 0.15 x 2400 = 540000 kg

We know, 1 tons = 1000 kg
So, the quantity of asphalt in ton = 540000/1000 = 540 Tonne
Now, you have to determine the number of dumpers for unloading. It depends on the type & size of the dumper.
Assume that one dumper can carry 40 tonne of asphalt.

To determine the number of dumpers, divide the total quantity of asphalt with carrying capacity of 1 dumper i.e. 540/40 = 13.5 dumpers or 14 (approx).

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to work the quantity of asphalt & numbers of dumpers in a road construction