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How to find out the quantity of steel for pier, pile and circular column

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This construction video tutorial will provide brief guidelines on how to measure the quantity of steel toward pier, pile and rounded column that contains spiral as ties. The tutorial is ideal for quantity surveyor.

A pier refers to an upright support for a structure or superstructure like an arch or bridge. Sections of structural walls among openings (bays) can work as piers.

Piers are applied to mainly provide appealing attractiveness to a structure and they are not utilized to give support to any horizontal members like beams unlike columns.

Piers are generally utilized in river crossing bridges because they are designed in an efficient manner to safeguard itself from water currents and flows and they doesn't hinder the water flow and lessen velocities of flow.

In the first example, it is required to compute steel for specified circular pile.

Here, the length of pile is 20m. Assume, overlap for spiral as 40D (dia) for each 30 meter length of spiral.
The following formulas should be used for computation of main bars :-

Length of the total main bars = Nos of bars x Length of one bar
Total Length = 23 x (20)
Therefore, total length = 460 m
Weight of bar = D2/162.196 x L (D denotes Diameter and it is 26 mm)
Weight of bar = 262/162.196 x 460
W = 4.167 x 460
W = 1917.2 kg

In order to convert the weight to ton, you have to divide the weight by 1000
Therefore, Weight = 1917.2 Kg/1000 = 1.917 tons

To gather more information, watch the following video.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to find out the quantity of steel for pier, pile and circular column