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QuickFooting - Footing Design Software Free Download

Construction Software

QuickFooting is a powerful construction program that can be used for designing spread footing with manual-calculation report.

It will create design for concrete spread footing (single column pad) and imports from VisualAnalysis. Design and examine reinforced concrete footings under a single column devoid of generating a complicated analysis model of the building.

QuickFooting offers the following advantages :-

• Will verify various footings simultaneously (for worst case).
• Automate the process for sizing and detailing (optional).
• Handling of biaxial loading in a superior way
• Offset pedestal from footing center
• Examines footing, pedestal, and interface.
• Examines durability: Bearing pressure (net & gross), overturning, sliding, and uplift.
• Complete units flexibility.
• Perfect measurement of bearing pressure under biaxial loading.

Full transparency - No "black box"

The software provides detailed transparent reporting by providing hyperlinks from each check to the complete check details along with complete algebraic expression of the code formula, substituted values, intermediate results, final results, and "OK" or not!

This checking and verification output can be observed on-screen and in a detailed report.

Easy-to-use and multipurpose functionality: QuickFooting is a self-contained footing design tool to examine or design footings devoid of generating complicated building models. While going to model a building in VisualAnalysis, the nodal reaction forces can be exported to QuickFooting.

VisualAnalysis will generate an XML data file and automatically begin QuickFooting to read this data file. The nodal reactions are translated as footing loads and the design may start from there. Consecutively, it is possible to handle or utilize the XML data file in other ways prior to import it into QuickFooting.

To download the software, click on the following link

QuickFooting is an exclusive construction program to design spread footing