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How to perform rate analysis for P.C.C. Footing

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This construction video is based on Rate Analysis that is very important factor in Civil or building works. The objective of rate analysis is to find out the unit quantity price of each construction material.

After that, multiply this unit quantity with total quantity of materials in BOQ to obtain the total volume as well as total cost of the building.

The rate analysis is dependent on the following factors :-

1. Specifications of works and material regarding their quality, proportion and constructional operation method.
2. Quantity of materials and their costs.
3. Cost of labors and their wages.
4. Placement of site of work and the distances from source and conveyance charges.
5. Overhead and establishment charges
6. Profit

Objective of rate analysis :-

1. To calculate the real cost of per unit of the items.
2. To compute the reasonable use of materials and processes in finalizing the specific items.
3. To calculate the cost of extra items which are not included in the contract bond, but should be performed following the directions of the department.
4. To modify the schedule of rates because of the rise in the cost of material and labor or modification in technique.

Here, in this video, rate analysis is prepared for PCC footing. The mix ratio is taken as (1:3:6) i.e. cement = 1, sand = 3 and aggregate = 6.

Volume of dry concrete = 15.2 cum (after deleting all the voids we get 10 cum)
Volume of cement = 15.2/10 = 1.52 cum (adding all the ratios, we get 10)
Now, 1 bag of cement contains 0.035 cum
So, total number of bags required = 1.52/0.035 = 43.4 = 44 bags.
Therefore, volume of sand = 15.2 x 3/10 = 4.56 cum
Volume of aggregate = 15.2 x 6/10 = 9.12 cum

To get the complete details, watch the following video.

Video Source: Parag Pal

How to perform rate analysis for P.C.C. Footing