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Some useful details about RCC column reinforcement

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This is another useful presentation from S.L.Khan, the renowned civil engineer. This video is about the reinforcement details of RCC column.

In the video presentation, the top section as well as the cross section of the column is provided.

There are four numbers of steel bars or main bars or longitudinal bars for the column. The free spaces in the column are defined as concrete cover. The steel located after the concrete cover is defined as stirrups or lateral ties. The diameter of stirrup should not be under 8 mm. There are also hooks attached with stirrups. The length of hook should be 10 d. (d means dia of stirrup).

Suppose, 8 mm dia is used here,

There length of the hook should be 10 x 8 = 80 mm x 2 = 160 mm (for both sides)

The angle created with hook length should be 135 degree

The size of the column should not be under 9 x 9 inches.

The distance between stirrups should be under 12 inches center to center.

The height of the column should remain within 12 inches.

The size of the column should be raised, if the height of the is increased. Besides, the steel reinforcement in the column should also be increased. If the height of the column is increased, more loads will be generated and the buckling of column will be started.

Buckling means abrupt large deformation of structure because of a partial increase of a subsisting load under which the structure had exposed little, if any, deformation prior to the load was inflated.

It is recommended that M20 grade concrete should be utilized in RCC columns.

To get more detail with graphical representation, go through the following video tutorial.

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Some useful details about RCC column reinforcement