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Brief demonstration of battery operated rebar tying machine

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Concrete construction includes various important steps like forming, grading, placing, and finishing to maintain the longevity of the structure. One of the complicated processes is arranging the reinforcing bars alias rebar properly to obtain the preferred strength of the completed concrete structure.

Now-a-days several automatic rebar tying machines are extensively used in construction sites. These machines are called TMT tier tools, TMT fixing tools, TMT tying tools, TMT tying guns etc.

This construction video provides the demonstration of an exclusive rebar tying machine that can operate automatically through polymer lithium battery and can be used for tying rebar, steel, bar, steel rod etc. Save huge time and money as one can get rid of decade long old manual process for rebar tying. This machine can bind rebars quickly. The machine can automatically complete all the processes for tying through in-built micro-chips.

Given below the complete specification of the machine :-

Tying Diameter : 40mm
Time of Making a Knot : 0.9 second
Voltage : 9.6V
Weight : 2.1kgs
Turns per Tie : 2 turns/3 turns
Ties per Coil : Approx. 160 ties (2 turns)

This automatic rebar tying machine provides the following benefits :-

1. It can be operated easily. One hand operation makes sure the protection of the workers and minimizes damages.
2. With high working productivity, the machine can complete tying 50-60 knots per minutes.
3. Light and handy tools minimize the labor strength and make the tying process simple and durable.
4. With in-built Ni-Mh superior quality battery, the working capability sustains for a long time and it requires less charging time.
5. Various types of models of Automatic TMT Tying Gun is available.

Brief demonstration of battery operated rebar tying machine
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