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Download excel sheet of rectangular column footing design

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A column footing generally refers to a block of concrete that is poured in the bottom of a hole in order that the weight applied on the column is dispersed through a greater area. It resists columns from sinking into the ground over time.

The column footings are supported with the installation accessories for the beams, roof beams and walls.

Depth of footing

The depth of the foundation is influenced by the following factors :-

There should be sufficient bearing strength.

For clay soils, footing should be infiltrated under the zone where shrinkage and swelling because of the changes in seasonal weather lead to appreciable movement.

The footing should be situated sufficiently under the highest scouring depth.

The footing should be situated away from top soils having organic metals. The footing should also be situated away from unconsolidated materials like garbage.

All footings are extended to a depth of minimum 0.50 meter under natural ground level. For rock or similar types of weather-resistant natural ground, elimination of the top soil is necessary. Under this situation, the surface should be cleansed to arrange a perfect bearing.

Normally, the footings are situated at depths of 1.5 to 2.0 meters under natural ground level.

It is considered as the uncomplicated, most cost-effective and extensively applied footing. Whenever required, square footings are arranged to minimize the bending moments and shearing forces at their complicated sections. Isolated footings are useful for light column loads as well as when the columns are not narrowly placed and good consistent soil. Due to the upward soil pressure, the footing bends in dish shaped form.

An isolated footing should be arranged with two sets of reinforcement bars which are set on top or bottom of the footing. In case of property line constraint, the footings are designed for eccentric loading. Alternatively, the combined footing is employed as a substitute to isolated footing.

Given below, sample excel sheet for rectangular column footing design. Click on the following link to download the sheet

Download excel sheet of rectangular column footing design