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CypeCAD 2015 can facilitate analysis and design of reinforced concrete & steel structures

Construction Software

Cype has developed CypeCAD 2015. This construction software is used to perform the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, based on horizontal and vertical forces, toward houses, buildings and civil work projects.

This construction program ensures utmost trustworthiness for analysis as well as superior drawing design.

CypeCAD 2015 contains the following exclusive features :-

Floor slabs: Joist floor slabs are created with concrete (generic), precast reinforcement, precast prestressed, in situ, steel (T and double T sections) and truss joists. The deflection is measured in all cases. Besides, it can be used for flat and solid slabs, waffle slabs, hollow core slabs, and composite slabs (steel deck).

Beams: The floor beams perhaps belong to reinforced concrete, steel (normal or castellated) or mixed. Corbels can also be originated.

Supports: The program takes into account reinforced concrete, rectangular, circular or steel columns. Shear walls belong to rectangular or adopt on plan any shape created with rectangles.

Walls do not always contain lateral pressures and may belong to reinforced concrete, generic load bearing or concrete block walls with or exclusive of reinforcement.

The program works out the required supplementary reinforcement of the openings in the reinforced concrete walls (lintel, guardrail, lateral and diagonal) and the lintel reinforcement once the gaps occur in concrete block walls. Besides, a report of the checks can be obtained that are accomplished in the analysis on this reinforcement and it is visible on screen or printed out. The crown beam is also plotted for all types of walls similar to the intermediate beam at floor level regarding generic load bearing walls and concrete block walls.

Stairs: CYPECAD examines and designs stair slab reinforcements like isolated elements of the structure. Based on the geometry, type and support arrangement and the applied gravitational loads, the program set up the reactions on the main structure, which can be used as line and surface loads (with regard to steps built on the slab) in their equivalent perpetual and live loadcases.

CYPECAD computes the stairs through finite elements, considering the usual two loadcases for the stair analysis: permanent loading and live loading. CYPECAD demonstrates on screen the reinforcement of each of the spans forming the stairwell. The software facilitates to consult, in a 3d view, the displacements, forces and spot the deformed shape of individual span.

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Foundations: The foundation is fixed (with pad foundations or pile caps) or unfixed (containing slabs on grade and foundation beams, having to characterize the subgrade modulus following the Winkler theory).

The foundations are designed by containing only introduced column starts. Isolated or combined pad foundations may be created with reinforced concrete or mass concrete and provide support for numerous columns.

CypeCAD 2015
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