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Cost Estimating Tutorial

How to use Midas Gen 2015 to design a reinforced concrete building

This construction video is presented by Cyprien Rusu, the well-known CAE Mechanical Engineer. In this construction video, one can learn how to design a reinforced concrete building on the basis of floor loads, wind loads and seismic loads. One can also gather knowledge on Response spectrum analysis and P-Delta analysis as well as information for the codes, designing the beams and columns inside a building and how to input parameters.

The entire video is created with Midas Gen 2015, an integrated structural analysis software.

Seismic Design Data includes the following :-

- Dual system (special reinforced concrete structural walls with special moment frame) in the transverse direction.
- Special moment frame in the longitudinal direction.
- Assigned to a high seismic zone.

Download the complete PDF file

reinforced concrete design