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How to fabricate and place tolerances for perfect reinforced concrete design

The following construction video provides information on the fabrication and tolerances required for laying reinforcing bars. By knowing this, it becomes easier to create perfect reinforced concrete design.

Placing tolerances make out the inaccurate constitution of the placing operation and contribute deviation criteria. ACI 117 specifies bar placing tolerances along with clear distance to forms and consequential concrete surfaces (differentiate with member size, 1 ⁄2 inch for members 12 to 24 inches), standardized spacing or positioning of bars in slabs or walls ( 3 inches), stirrup and tie spacing in beams and columns (one-twelfth beam depth or column width), location of bar bends and bar ends ( 2 inches, excluding 1 inch at discontinuous ends of members), length of lap splices (-11 ⁄2 inches), and embedded lengths (-1 inch for bar sizes from #3 to #11). Tolerances also are set for beam and column form dimensions.

Reinforcing Steel design