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Reinforcement details and uses of floating columns

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In this construction video tutorial, you will learn the details of reinforcement for any floating column.

A floating column is also known as hanging column or stub column that stands over the beam component of the structure. The purpose of a regular column is to transmit the load to the foundation or to the column underneath and then to foundations. But a floating does not transfer the load directly. The floating column is arranged on the first floor or top floors or any of the intermediate floors on the basis of the requirements in the architectural design of the relevant structure.

The floating column is positioned in such a manner that it simply floats or is being suspended over a base (beam or slab) devoid of any fixed support underneath the foundation.

Initially, you have to check your plan to find the location of floating columns.

In floating columns, the transfer girder and columns supporting transfer Girder requires careful attention. If load factor needs to be increased (for the transmission of Girder and its columns) to maintain additional safety of structure, the floating column should be embraced. In design and details of float columns, at least 25% Earth Quake must be provided other than full gravity forces.

The Floating columns have good strength to bear gravity loading but transfer girder should contain sufficient dimensions (Stiffness) with very nominal deflection.

The floating columns can be applied especially over the ground floor, where transfer girders are used to provide more open space in the Ground Floor. The transfer girders should be designed and detailed in a perfect manner, specifically in Earth Quake zones. If there are no lateral loads, the design and detailing will be simplified.

Floating columns are not included in codes. To some extent, bridge column/pier on a well cap of greater diameter may be considered as floating column with well cap functioning as Transfer Girder.

In the following video tutorial, perfect demonstration is given for floating column through plan.

Video Source: Deepak Kumar

Reinforcement details and uses of floating columns